An Action may read inputs coming from a client request, which can contain supporting data and may be used when running the Action.

There are two types available:

  1. Query: Short key-value pairs that comes as part of the URL. For instance, /posts?page=2&per_page=10

  2. Body: More complex or large data may appear as part of the client request, and are usually in the form of text or json.

Example use case

  • Filter products by category, price range, or availability.

  • Retrieve a sorted list of items, such as sorting products by name or date added.

  • Send user details in the request body for the server to create a new account.

How to use

  1. Open the Parameter tab.

  2. On the Query sub-tab, you can add, edit or remove Queries for your Action, which may contain:

    • Parameter: the query key to look for.

    • Description: an optional, short explanation of what the parameter is.

    • Type: the data type of the parameter, can be either String, Number, Boolean or List.

  3. On the Body sub-tab, you can set a type for the body, which can be in form of:

    • text: Read the full text of the body.

  4. Inside Action Flow, you can read the contents coming from Query and Body by selecting the desired parameter types.

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