This module allow to build a web service API endpoint.


  • Create, modify, rename and delete existing API endpoint

  • Group API endpoints into folders

  • Configure behavior between different HTTP methods (GET, PATCH, PUT, POST, DELETE)

  • Provide custom actions on each API endpoint via action flow

  • Configure input for each endpoint based on supported channels (Header, Parameters) and types (Query, Body)

  • Configure output for each endpoint with support of different data type (Text, JSON)

  • Configure custom authentication layer for each of the API endpoint based on different methods (Basic Auth, OAuth2)

  • Test and run the action flow itself


  1. API list tree: Shows the list of Action created under this project, Uses file-and-folder-based hierarchical system.

  2. Method tab: Toggle between supported HTTP methods (GET, PATCH, PUT, POST, DELETE)

  3. Edit section: Allow to rename or delete currently selected item, and also to create new one. In addition, contains Authentication dropdown to allow changing configuration on currently selected item.

  4. View tab: Toggle between views on the API and customize behavior for each of the components listed.

  5. Action flow: When Action tab is selected, allows to construct the functionality of the API itself.

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